Mary Kay - My NEW Business

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Hey Everyone!

I just started a new business selling Mary Kay Products. You can shop with me 24/7 on my personal website listed below.

Just some cool things to take note of it is FREE shipping! We also have over 90 products for $10.00 or less!

Right now till December 15th if you purchase product for 24 dollars, you will be entered into a drawing to win a FREE Satin Hands Pampering Set!

Any time if you purchase product $40.00 and above you will get this set FREE anyways. Also check out my website for FREE sample of this set while supplies last.

If anyone is interested in buying products or has questions about products let me know! If you are interested in selling Mary Kay and having your OWN business, let me know as well!

My email is if you have any further questions!

Thanks in advance for you support!

Im here

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I am here!

I have not been blogging lately due to just not feeling like it. Work has been busy, I have been busy, I havent felt like it.

Soon I will get back into it.


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As of the beginning of December I will be selling Mary Kay Products!!

So excited. Pass the word and if anyone would like more information about it feel free to email me (subject: Mary Kay)

I am really excited to do this and hope to be successful. I have tons of great ideas and plans so im confident that it will workout!

Im back...

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Im back, its been a very long weekend and im extremely exhausted today.

Going straight home afterwork and taking a nap!

I will try my best to post and update blog and my menu plan monday later on today!

This Weekend

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I will not be posting any blogs this weekend and I will probably just do one big recap post of my weekend spent visiting in ohio with everyone on Sunday when I get back to Georgia.

Hope everyone has  a great weekend!

Thankful for Thursdays

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I am so thankful I have such a great boyfriend. Not only is he my boyfriend but he is my best friend and the love of my life.

Love him to pieces! We have been together 13 months 10 days. The longest relationship I have ever been in and I dont have a doubt that it will last for a very long time.

He is caring, sweet, and loves me for me. No matter what I look like, bad mood or not. Lol

Not going to make this to long there are tons of things I could write about our relatinship but I worked my arms out on Tuesday and yesterday I had a pretty good swimming session and this week so far I have been typing alot at work and im sore!

Happy Thursday Everyone!

Thoughts on Bills Tuesday

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Due to not having a PTO anymore, it's all saved up for a week vacation to ohio during Christmas. When I got sick last week I took a unpaid day off work. Let me tell you with the bf not working but one day a week now and still searching for a job. That one day off for me makes for a short pay check.

Luckily I have some things at work that should go on my paycheck for extra bonus. I hope it makes up for the day that I lost.

Money sucks, when you dont have it of course. It's amazing when you do.